Specialized and authorized translations in Cluj

We perform each translation on time, with precision and at the maximum level of professionalism. Whatever your requirements might be. We hate errors and time-wasting, so we will keep you away from them. We are on Memorandumului 26, Apt. 2 and on Eroilor 18, Apt. 4

All our clients are looking for the same thing: translations done well and fast.

We bend over backwards to provide our clients access to translations in any language, in Cluj-Napoca and all over the country. For clients being either natural persons or companies, we rely on the same team of authorized translators, specialized in various fields – legal, medical, technical or creative. We grant maximum attention to all documents that arrive at Actalia translations office, regardless of their complexity.

traduceri tehnice cluj

Technical translations. Precise like a Swiss watch

We work with an extended team of authorized professional translators, to ensure the translation of any documents and technical papers, in any field. What helps us is the experience gained with each project, the access to authorized translators for the most various language pairs as well as customized handling of each client.

  • Translations of user’s guides, in any language pair
  • Translations of tender books, in any language pair
  • Technical documentations, product catalogs or instructions, in any language pair
  • Software translations, in any language pair
  • Online store translations, in any language pair
traduceri medicale cluj

Medical translations

Your medical condition intelligible to any doctor in the world
We open the access to medical treatment and information from any corner of the world, by placing translators specialized in the clinical field at your service. We translate medical documents to or from Romanian and we facilitate the communication between patients and their doctors having a different nationality.

Hospitals and clinics from any city in Romania can provide their services and specialists in international languages, for patients or partners from other countries. Since communication without language barriers is essential in the medical field, the role of our translators is even more important.

  • Full medical files, for examinations, diagnosis, treatments at clinics abroad
  • Medical referral letters, recommendations, investigations and test results from clinics and specialists from abroad
  • Facilitating correspondence and relations between patients and clinics
  • Website translation and localization for clinics and hospitals
  • Translation of clinics, hospitals or specialists presentations
traduceri acte auto cluj

Translations of vehicle-related documents. Rolling well!

Where bureaucracy and technique meet, our translators actually feel like a professional driver on Autobahn. They know the terms, they know the rules, they have seen enough files containing vehicle-related documents to become simplifying experts and word speed addicts. Actalia translators, through professionalism, give drivers back their calm, safety and their vehicle papers correctly translated.

  • Translations of vehicle-related documents for registration, in any foreign language
  • Vehicle-related documents from German: small and big registration certificate, contract, invoice
  • Vehicle-related documents from Spanish: vehicle identity document, registration certificate, contract, invoice
  • Vehicle-related documents from Italian: vehicle identity document, contract, invoice
  • Vehicle-related documents from French: registration certificate, contract, invoice
  • Vehicle-related documents from Bulgarian: registration document, contract, invoice
  • Vehicle-related documents from English: vehicle identity document, contract, invoice

Companies from all industries recommend us

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  • Actalia helped us a lot in the localization of our business in Bulgaria and Hungary. They are our partners for all our translation needs.
    — Alin Stanciu CEO – FashionUP!
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  • Value added translations

    For those who work with us, we offer more than translation services at the highest standards. We try to make everything easier and more efficient, for each client. From our first contact, until the completion of the project, we remain the reliable, open and flexible partner.
    Our support includes complementary services, such as event organizing or equipment rental.

    Extended network of authorized translators

    We work with more than 3000 authorized translators, who can meet any translation or interpreting requirements, in over 600 language combinations. Our experience and the various collaborations throughout time help us offer the best team or the best translator, for whom we can guarantee the best results.