IT Translations

We combine the most modern technical tools and our translators’ expertise to translate: website content, the interface of various software applications, in all fields (accounting, medical, applications, gaming, etc.), e-book texts, at the highest professional standards.

Translations & localization for software projects 

Projects for the online environment, software or applications projects require more than a professional team of translators, experienced in the requested language pairs. The practical experience, the correct use of the automated translations and other technical tools, the comprehension of the various requirements of IT supports help us offer our local or international clients turnkey projects: texts adapted correctly, adequate for the audience as well as for the technological support they are on.

In addition to simply translating the words appearing on the website, in applications or in e-books, translating IT projects also includes professional localization or internationalization services. These ensure that the documents are adapted to the language and to the culture or the technical and legal requirements of the country for which the translation is done.

Actalia delivers “turnkey” projects: the translation, the proofreading and the localization processes, regardless of the project type, are completed by the translator or the team that is experienced in the requested language pair.
In the end, the user’s experience matters; the user will benefit from an authentic, original content, which ensures easy browsing.

traduceri proiecte software

Scalability at global level

Translators are also, to some extent, “computer geeks” in their profession. Thus, software, e-books or websites translation projects fit us like a glove!
Actalia brought young professionals to the team, who keep up to date with the technologies and the globalized world, where localization and internationalization are key points for any successful product or service.

Our team can ensure, in any language pair:

  • Localization or internationalization services for websites
  • Testing and proofreading for multilingual IT projects;
  • Localization services for software and application interfaces;
  • Translations for internationalized customer support services;
  • Adaptation of technical documents, installation guides, user guides etc;
  • Text adaptation for online courses or training materials;
  • E-book translations in any field
Marketing, PR si publicitate in limba cumparatorului

Marketing, PR and advertising in the buyer’s language

Texts intended to sell products or services speak their audience’s language. This is the fundamental rule in marketing. For this purpose, at Actalia, we have consolidated an experienced team, specialized in marketing, PR or advertising translations.

For both the international and the Romanian market, we ensure the adaptation of marketing ideas, their localization or transcreation services, in order to adapt the messages of our clients’ products to the culture and language of their target audience, whatever their country of origin.

  • Localization services: translation of texts in advertising campaigns, texts for direct communication, website localization, translation of presentation brochures.
  • Transcreation services, when it is necessary to rewrite the brand’s message for markets that have different cultures and traditions; this includes brand names, slogans, advertising message, brochures, internal documents.
  • Copywriting for products or services launched on different markets, with different languages, but also very different cultural or legal requirements. We can ensure the creation of original texts for social media, website content, product presentations. These services are ensured by professionals who are native speakers of the target language.

Companies from all industries recommend us

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  • Actalia helped us a lot in the localization of our business in Bulgaria and Hungary. They are our partners for all our translation needs.
    — Alin Stanciu CEO – FashionUP!
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  • Value added translations

    For those who work with us, we offer more than translation services at the highest standards. We try to make everything easier and more efficient, for each client. From our first contact, until the completion of the project, we remain the reliable, open and flexible partner.
    Our support includes complementary services, such as event organizing or equipment rental.

    Extended network of authorized translators

    We work with more than 3000 authorized translators, who can meet any translation or interpreting requirements, in over 600 language combinations. Our experience and the various collaborations throughout time help us offer the best team or the best translator, for whom we can guarantee the best results.