Legal Translations

Translation services at the highest standards, for law firms and their clients, for courts, entities in the public or administrative sector.

Experts in notarized translations

Our translations agency performs notarized translations, and not only, in the shortest time possible. Our services include legal or judicial translations, including contracts and agreements, business documents or accounting documents, court decisions and documents required in court, notarized documents, immigration files, tender documentations.

Our professionals, dedicated to the legal field, are highly trained and have a wide experience as translators, knowing the terminology and the laws applied to the documents they handle. For large projects, requiring the adaptation of the legal terms from one culture to another, and in-depth knowledge of the laws applicable in the two countries for both the source and target texts, an expert in law is also included, to check and approve the final document.

In the legal field, we cover the following areas of expertise:

  • Commercial law;
  • Arbitration and negotiation;
  • Notarized documents;
  • Accounting, documents for taxes and duties;
  • Civil or criminal law;
  • International law, European Union laws;
  • Laws on the protection of patents and intellectual property rights.
Traduceri Legalizate

What you gain while collaborating with our team:

  • A partnership with authorized professional translators, experts in the most frequent language pairs, native speakers of the translations’ target language
  • Project management, dictionaries dedicated for each project, careful document proofreading;
  • Confidentiality of information and documents, complying with a strict security regime of the information in all stages of the collaboration;
  • The translators’ experience, their familiarity with concepts of the national and international laws
Traduceri Legalizate

We are authorized and trained to perform best quality translations, offering support to law practices, legal departments or public authorities, but also private clients, for projects such as

  • Documents requested by the court, court decisions and judgments
  • Interpreting services during trials, ensured by authorized translators
  • Notarized translations of notarized documents, wills, donation deeds etc.
  • Immigration files and support in communicating with the authorities, for persons of other nationalities
  • Contracts, agreements, business documents, customs documents
  • Tender documentations, grants documentations
  • Loan documentations
  • Financial and accounting documents
  • Company legal documents
  • Patents, commercial or intellectual property documents
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  • Value added translations

    For those who work with us, we offer more than translation services at the highest standards. We try to make everything easier and more efficient, for each client. From our first contact, until the completion of the project, we remain the reliable, open and flexible partner.
    Our support includes complementary services, such as event organizing or equipment rental.

    Extended network of authorized translators

    We work with more than 3000 authorized translators, who can meet any translation or interpreting requirements, in over 600 language combinations. Our experience and the various collaborations throughout time help us offer the best team or the best translator, for whom we can guarantee the best results.