Conference and Event Logistics

We bring people together and we help them communicate efficiently among themselves.

We respect the same values

for each and every event, regardless of the number of participants:

  • One team, one plan: Once we established and approved the event agenda, together with our clients, we act 100 % according to the planning. No compromise.
  • Flexibility: Because we work with people and we wish to offer our clients a flawless experience, we rely on our spontaneity. Our team is ready to find solutions fast and to adapt to changes or to unexpected occurrences.
  • Multitasking: Each event means several challenges that we must solve at the same time. From the first organizational discussions, up to the post-event assessment, a professional team divides tasks, so that, on the whole, the event runs smoothly and without any interruptions.
  • Permanently on the move: The entire team complies with the promised deadlines, makes sure to maintain dialogue among guests and hosts. We remain in the midst of the event, paying attention to every detail.
Conferinte organizate de la A la Z

Conferences organized from A to Z

The number of seats that we have to fill doesn’t matter. What matters is the message and how it is perceived by each and every guest.


Actalia provides conference or seminar management, regardless of the number of participants, calling on the most adequate professionals. We have access to a network of collaborators who help us provide the same services in Cluj-Napoca, in any other city across the country or abroad.


From drafting the technical requirements, to recommending locations for the event and accommodation, collaborating with the adequate technical team and ensuring the audio-video recordings that would document the conference. Each specialist of the organization team has its own role and ensures the perfect communication among hosts and guests, compliance with the essential moments of the conference and achieving the event goals.

Logistics and rental

    We rent specific equipment for conferences:

  • sound systems;
  • simultaneous translation booths;
  • wireless, standalone, or lavalier microphones;
  • video cameras or projection screens and LCD screens;
  • connector technology, receivers and headphones; stages and stage furniture.
Organizari Evenimente

1001 Events

Whether it is small or large, serious or for connecting and consolidating the team, outdoors or inside the most elegant ballroom, we are organizing the event to get the most out of it, at the lowest budget!

Events of any type can mean as many possible headaches as there are participants 🙂 We are well aware of this, and this is why we approach each of our clients’ requirements starting from a solid plan, made with great attention to detail, allowing some space for the spontaneity that gives the event its personality. Our care for projects is our clients’ insurance against criticism!

Theme, location, and activities for events
We listen to your requirements and plans. We request as much information as possible on the participants, event goals and expected results. Then we propose a theme for the event, we recommend appropriate places to hold it, a host or a facilitator, original activities, according to the theme. We draft the event, we produce it and we monitor it until the end.

Organization of the presence in exhibitions and fairs
We make sure that our clients’ presence in fairs and exhibitions is adapted to the company and its field of activity. We can rent stalls and the necessary technical equipment in fairs; we can ensure the stall design or the audio-video recording team.

Equipment rental
We are creative, but also technical! We are renting out all the necessary equipment for translations: translation booths, headphones and microphones, projection and sound equipment, connector technology, receivers and headphones. In addition, we can rent out a wide range of exhibition stalls, event-specific furniture or stage furniture.

Companies from all industries recommend us

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  • Actalia helped us a lot in the localization of our business in Bulgaria and Hungary. They are our partners for all our translation needs.
    — Alin Stanciu CEO – FashionUP!
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  • Value added translations

    For those who work with us, we offer more than translation services at the highest standards. We try to make everything easier and more efficient, for each client. From our first contact, until the completion of the project, we remain the reliable, open and flexible partner.
    Our support includes complementary services, such as event organizing or equipment rental.

    Extended network of authorized translators

    We work with more than 3000 authorized translators, who can meet any translation or interpreting requirements, in over 600 language combinations. Our experience and the various collaborations throughout time help us offer the best team or the best translator, for whom we can guarantee the best results.