Looking for the most efficient translations office?

You’re in the right place: At Actalia you have a full offer of authorized and notarized translations, interpreting and website localization services, in any language combinations. Even in Basque, if you wish, at hats off standards!

Complete translation solutions

Come in to talk about professional translations, from A to Z. They mean a lot more than just words reproduced correctly in any language, in writing or as interpreter, at conferences or meetings.

localizare continut traduceri

Your company is one click away from conquering a new market and new customers, beyond physical borders. The website localization services provided by Actalia help you build an international company that speaks to its customers anywhere, in the right language. And keep this in mind, it is not always just English!

Specialized and technical translations

We perform each translation on time, with precision and at the maximum level of professionalism. Whatever your requirements might be. For private customers or companies, we rely on the same team of authorized translators, specialized in various fields – legal, medical, technical or creative. We pay maximum attention to all the documents that arrive at Actalia translations office, regardless of their complexity.

The same brand on all markets

Localization also means to reproduce the brand, precisely, in any language. The website’s content must be adapted to a culture, not only translated, while keeping the same information and reaching the same SEO standards. Yes, Actalia collaborates with specialists who understand these ever-changing standards.

Translations for product catalogs

They are extremely specialized, elaborate and complicated – and, at Actalia, we really like them! We provide full translation and adaptation services for product catalogs – in digital form or printed, including the DTP services.

Companies from all industries recommend us

  • Actalia helped us a lot in the localization of our business in Bulgaria and Hungary. They are our partners for all our translation needs.
    — Alin Stanciu CEO – FashionUP!

We were born to be professional translators

Actalia ensures the best accuracy of its translations. Each project is handled by the translator who has the best training and experience, a native speaker of the target language.

The most rare language combinations

We have a large network of collaborators, experienced specialists who can cover any language combinations, for translations and interpreting.

Globalization. Localization.

These are the most trendy terms in translations, and Actalia uses technologies and calls on experts in localization, covering all the stages of a website’s adaptation process for various audiences

Professional and friendly

We are specialists, we comply with the professional standards in translations, and this means that we are listening to our clients and we make the best recommendations, depending on their requirements. We can discuss these while having a cup of coffee, a tea… or on Whatsapp. Or, in writing, here.


Personal documents bearing the seal of the authorized translator. Small or large technical projects, translated on time and included in the tender book. Product catalog, in two language versions, uploaded on the website on time to publish the month’s offers. The team of authorized translators from Actalia deals with all these and many other documents and texts requested by the clients in Cluj-Napoca or across the country.

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When two people don’t understand each other, a third one is required. And when the two of them speak different languages, the third one must be a translator specialized in interpreting services. Actalia has an extended network of professionals ready to ensure simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, during business meetings, interactions with authorities, at events, fairs or large scale conferences.

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Event logistics

We have the equipment. We have the full team of translators. We have the experience of the most diverse types of events – from corporate parties to international presentations and conferences. We can ensure technical support and full equipment for events gathering between 50 and 500 participants. Or we can create the event from scratch, finding a suitable concept, recommending locations, ensuring the execution in perfect conditions, in every detail.

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  • Value added translations

    For those who work with us, we offer more than translation services at the highest standards. We try to make everything easier and more efficient, for each client. From our first contact, until the completion of the project, we remain the reliable, open and flexible partner.
    Our support includes complementary services, such as event organizing or equipment rental.

    Extended network of authorized translators

    We work with more than 3000 authorized translators, who can meet any translation or interpreting requirements, in over 600 language combinations. Our experience and the various collaborations throughout time help us offer the best team or the best translator, for whom we can guarantee the best results.